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BUS061 HW3

BUS061 HW3 - Sharon Ng Professor Diamond BUS061 10 July...

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Sharon Ng Professor Diamond BUS061 10 July 2011 Chapter 3 Homework 1. Please define and explain business power. Please include a good example of business power in your answer. Answer: Business power refers to the force behind an act by a company, industry, or sector. An example of business power would be the discriminatory acts of Abercrombie and Fitch. The racial acts of the A&F stores was driven by the company’s desire to maintain the “Abercrombie Look” which primarily consisted of Caucasian individuals. The business’ desire and succession of implementing discriminatory injustice is representative of business power. 2. Please define and explain what is meant by a pluralistic society. In what ways does a pluralistic society lead to a diffusion of power? Answer: Pluralistic theory is a perspective of business power and serves as the basis for the countervailing forces model. It refers to a society with multiple groups and institutions through which power is diffused. This theory is infused
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