SOCI 1 - Ng 1 Sharon Ng Professor Blair-Loy, TA Brynna...

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Ng 1 Sharon Ng Professor Blair-Loy, TA Brynna Jacobson SOCI 1 A08 04 November 2010 Soaring High Vivian Louie, the author of Parents’ Aspirations and Investment , examines how social class influences Chinese immigrant parents’ expectations, investment, and strategies in their children’s education (Louie 207). She discusses that Asian immigrant parents tend to have high expectations for the younger generation, and because of this, they have come up with strategies and the pathways to their successes. The primary social structures in this scenario, Asian society and the idea of what Asian children should take away from school, is reinforced by the cultural structures, which includes the broadly shared belief of meritocracy in the Asian community, and the notion that life chances are strongly determined by the level of education one obtains. Louie’s research claims that Asian parents expect beyond just the bare minimum for success from their children. They invest a lot more time and money in their early learning years by supervising their activities outside of school, assigning additional homework assignments, and sending them off to private lessons. For example, they may enroll their children in a basketball camp, some piano lessons, or even in learning centers to reinforce their knowledge in various subjects in school. These parents raise their kids to become as well rounded as possible to increase their chances of excelling in high school and getting into an Ivy League university. Because most Asian parents had to endure many struggles and did not have a chance to obtain
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SOCI 1 - Ng 1 Sharon Ng Professor Blair-Loy, TA Brynna...

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