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SOC1 Durkheim Summary FINAL - each”(25 Durkheim contends...

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Ng 1 Sharon Ng (A09224493) Professor Blair-Loy, TA Brynna Jacobson SOCI 1 – Introduction to Sociology 05 October 2010 Summary of Durkheim’s “Egoistic Suicide” Emile Durkheim, the author of Egoistic Suicide , observes that social and cultural structures go hand-in-hand. In other words, life chances are influenced because primary social structures prevent suicide, which in turn, increases life chances. Durkheim utilizes social statistics to indicate that suicide rates in Protestant countries were four times higher than in Roman Catholic countries, because the religious practitioners are less integrated into the church. Although Judaism doesn’t condemn suicide, suicide rates are reported to be lowest among the Jewish people (Durkheim 19). Jews have a lower suicide rate because their church has “been more strongly unified than any other” and had “close and constant surveillance of all over
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Unformatted text preview: each” (25). Durkheim contends that egoistic suicide is a result of a lack of social integration and greater individualism. He also argues that explicit theology is a form of cultural structures, but is not the cause of lower rates of suicide (24). I believe that when people are closely tied to a community linked by orthodox beliefs and traditions, they are given more attention and care from others of a similar background. Therefore, they are less inclined to take irrational measures, such as committing suicide. My idea is much like Durkheim’s, concluding that religion can protect people from the risk of suicide because it joins individuals more tightly to society, where people are united by common beliefs and practices. He also asserts that “suicide increases with knowledge” because one’s sense of religion becomes shambolic when he gets closely acquainted with learning (26)....
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