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SOCI 1 Final Practice Essay - SOCI 1 Final Practice essay...

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SOCI 1 Final Practice essay 1. Explain how social structures of race shape the life chances of Asian Americans. 2. Explain how cultural structures are used to justify how these social structures have created different opportunities for Asian Americans. Race has various social structures, one being immigration and their experience with unequal pay in the workforce. Depending on what race one is, he/she will get certain advantages and privileges (or lack thereof). For example, Asian Americans, although they occupy a third position in the social hierarchy, they are considered the “model minority” to other minorities like Hispanics and African Americans. Although Asian Americans have been triangulated, they refuse to be put down by stereotypes and racism. They instead work independently among others in that same racial background to fight against subordination and white supremacy. Vivian Louie concentrates on how social class influences Chinese immigrant parents’ expectations, investment, and strategies in their children’s education. She discusses that Asian immigrant parents tend to have high expectations for the younger generation, and because of this, they have come up with strategies and pathways to their successes (Louie 207). A more specific social structure in this scenario would be the Asian society and the idea of what Asian children should take away from school. This is reinforced by the cultural structures, which includes the broadly shared belief of meritocracy in the Asian community and the issue of perceived discrimination, as well as the notion that life chances are strongly determined by the level of
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SOCI 1 Final Practice Essay - SOCI 1 Final Practice essay...

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