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SOCI 1 Lecture Notes 1012

SOCI 1 Lecture Notes 1012 - SOCI 1 Lecture Notes Tuesday...

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SOCI 1 Lecture Notes 10/12/10 Tuesday, October 19: Review – bring your questions Thursday, October 21: Midterm 1; bring blue book; book materials (course sources only!) – essay and short answer Bourdieu asked how social class reproduced from the inside out - Not just oppression from higher classes (Marx) or exclusion from status groups (Weber) - Also cultural structures: understandings embraced at preconscious level that shape internal aspirations & imaginations self-exclusion Meritocracy ideology’s view of education? - those who work hard and get an education will get one and achieve great things - increase social mobility in society - higher social class than parents Bourdieu’s view of education - Perpetuates and validates social class system - High economic capital converted into high cultural capital and social capital LEADING to high economic capital - This is social reproduction – class position of parents reproduced in children -
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