SOCI 1 Lecture Notes 1102

SOCI 1 Lecture Notes 1102 - SOCI 1 Lecture Notes 11/02/10...

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SOCI 1 Lecture Notes 11/02/10 Claire Kim – Racial Triangulation of Asian Americans Race/ethnicity: Cultural and Social Structures Cultural Structures: 1. Illusion of race: racial distinctions are biological, inherent, and significant for other outcomes 2. Cultural ideologies of superiority and inferiority of different racial and ethnic groups Social structures are “racialized” – they construct and reinforce myth of racial difference These include durable patterns established by law, immigration policies, labor markets, and residential real estate markets Power (Cornell and Hartmann) - power resides in the ability to define a group as different (and inherently less deserving) - historically, people who are Caucasian have had the ability to assign racial categories to groups of ppl - cultural structures about the inherent quality of racial distinctions and the particular racial groups and social structures of law and employment patterns ascribe race/ethnicity and limit life chances Claire Kim: Constructing Cultural Structure of Race - going beyond black and white - not just separate histories - not just a simple hierarchy - instead a 2-D “field of racial positions” constructed by white elites, others - fig. 2.1 Asians triangulated, constructed in relationship to blacks and whites (p. 187) “Double elision” - Ethnic and national differences elided (collapsed) with ascription into a single race o Asian and Asian Americans o All different groups with Asian ancestry There are large distinctions – Vivian Louie’s research: Asian Indians and Japanese perform best on standardized tests; Southeast Asians least well. Linked to family’s social class status
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SOCI 1 Lecture Notes 1102 - SOCI 1 Lecture Notes 11/02/10...

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