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SOCI 1 Lecture Notes 1130 - SOCI 1 Lecture Notes Kimmel...

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SOCI 1 Lecture Notes 11/30/10 Kimmel: Women and men both from earth - most gender diffs socially constructed - social construction begins at birth - social and cultural structures in given society cannel males and females into diff roles, feelings, and bodies - gender inequality most gender diffs Early 19 th C: Industrial Revolution New Social Structure: Gender Division of Labor - men’s paid work now outside of home, urbanization, paid by cash - new ideology of “sep spheres” - men required to prove themselves in volatile market marketplace hegemonic masculinity - child rearing, cooking, cleaning now “women work” – unpaid, so seen as “not real” 19 th C Industrial Rev Division of labor new cultural structures - ideology of separate spheres - family devotion schema: family and children demand and deserve women’s primary allegiance; motherhood a rewarding calling (Blair-Loy) - morality and emotionally compelling Work Devotion as Ideal Type table (see Blair-Loy) Mandate – one’s career is a calling that demands and deserves single-minded allegiance Linked to hegemonic masculinity: repudiation of the feminine – workers penalized for family caregiving - work devotion schema characterizes family caregiving as not valid But separate spheres ideology always masked a diversity of family forms - 1960s: 43% of families breadwinning father/homemaking mother - 2000: 10%; 40% dual earner families - 1960s on: age of 1 st marriage increased, # of children per fam declined, couples delay childbearing so both partners could pursue educ and careers - divorce rate peaked in 1991 – then leveled off - 2000: 31% of women and 45% men unmarried by age 30 - today, only half of American children live w/ both parents – remainder live I step families or single-parent families (14% father-headed) Support for separate spheres ideology gradually eroding - survey item: - “it is better for everyone if man achiever outside home and woman takes
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This note was uploaded on 08/30/2011 for the course SOCIOLOGY 1 taught by Professor Blair-loy during the Fall '10 term at UCSD.

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SOCI 1 Lecture Notes 1130 - SOCI 1 Lecture Notes Kimmel...

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