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SOCI Lecture 1117 - SOCI Lecture Race Class and Wealth...

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SOCI Lecture 11/17/10 Race, Class, and Wealth: Course Sources - C. Kim and W. Cornelius: review cultural structures FOCUS ON SOCIAL STRUCTURES - Film: Race: The Color of an Illusion - J. Kozol, “Still Separate, Still Unequal: America’s Educational Apartheid” - Eckholm, NYTimes articles (social class section) Cultural Structures about race: relative valorization (rankings in superiority/inferiority) - Scientists: ranked whites as biologically superior, Asians (Mongolians) in the middle, and Africans at the bottom - Lawmakers & employers: saw Asians as superior to Blacks – cheap, docile labor (especially after 1865) - White CA employer: “One white man is worth two Chinamen; that one Chinamen is worth two negroes” - Ideology serves white interests Cornelius: Relative Valorization of Immigrants Table 8.2 (p. 278): CA perceptions of immigrants as immigrants as a benefit (hard work and skills) or a burden (use of public services) Focus on Social Structures Black-White differences in life chances based on historical structural discrimination in labor and housing markets cumulative disadvantages for blacks, cumulative advantages for whites real, present-day consequences Blacks and Whites have different social structural opps for saving and investing - racialization of state policy - state policy limited ability of blacks to accumulate wealth throughout history, including ongoing labor market and residential real estate discrimination - “sedimented” cumulative advantages for white, disadvantages for blacks. Often, white gains are at the expense of blacks 1930s-1940s: $ Federal housing programs created, white suburbs built Made home ownership possible for first time for millions of white Americans 1950s - $ interstate highways built, suburbia spread Whites who are not personally racist – still enjoy spoils from a racist system Historical “redlining” - Gov’t actors: o Post WWII post. Backed loans, grants o Taxpayer $ funneled to support white suburban home ownership,
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black neighborhoods redlined (excluded) - Real estate actors: o Restrictive covenants – legal (Levittown) o Residential “steering” practices and block “flipping”
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SOCI Lecture 1117 - SOCI Lecture Race Class and Wealth...

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