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Sociology 1 Lecture Notes 1026 - Sociology 1 Lecture Notes...

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Sociology 1 Lecture Notes 10/26/10 Cornell and Hartman, Definitions from Ch. 1 Race - “a human group defined by itself or others as a distinct by virtue of perceived common physical characteristics that are held to be inherent” p. 25 - the physical characteristics that people choose to constitute race are arbitrary, inconsistence, and vary over space and time Ethnicity - based on Weber’s definition - “a collectivity within a larger society having real or putative common ancestry, memories of a shared historical past, and a cultural focus on one or more symbolic elements defined as the epitome of their peoplehood” (19). - Ethnicity appears as a bond of kindship that need not necessarily be factual. Common ancestry can be real or imagined. - i.e. latino/Hispanic = ethnicity - i.e. Jamaican, Trinidadian, Guyanese, Haitian – from Mary Waters’ book *no genetic basis for racial differences Most of our families today are mixed from different racial categories. NY Times Article (Kantor) Barack: Michelle: Mary Waters, Black Identities: West Indian Immigrant Dreams and American Realities - Is late 20 th C assimilation process for West Indian Black immigrants similar to that for early 20 th C White European immigrants? - White European immigrants strive to assimilate by losing ethnic identity and being seen as white - Late 20 th C West Indian immigrants strive to hold onto their ethnic identity BUT - White America imposes a racial category of black. 2 nd gen embraces shared id/sense of oppression w/ African Americans
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Sociology 1 Lecture Notes 1026 - Sociology 1 Lecture Notes...

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