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Sociology 1 Lecture Notes 10/28/10 Life chances: probability that you/members of your group that will attain aspects that society has deemed to be desirable - opportunity to marry - education - better paying jobs Social institutions are counter-veiling forces to societal reproduction - i.e. UCSD and UCLA = top 2 univs for promoting education first in family college students - UCSD = engine to help counteract social forces of reproduction - Makes AD available to more ppl Part 1: contemporary sci – include genetics 1. What evidence is presented that supports the argument that race =
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Unformatted text preview: racial distinctions – inherent/biological characteristics… it is a cultural structure 2. How convincing to you is the film’s argument? Video:-Race: Divisions of people that are unchanging/distinct categories of people-People relate/think they’re more alike someone who has similar looks/race (automatic)-“blacks are more athletic in terms of track than whites because they have more muscle”-racial purification – eugenics movement...
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