COGN 20 MT SG - Sharon Ng COGN 20 Spring 11 Midterm Study...

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Unformatted text preview: Sharon Ng COGN 20 Spring 11 Midterm Study Guide- 2 essay questions: 1 will ask to connect themes from sessions 2-8 (Williams - Carr) and the other will ask to connect themes from sessions 8-12 (Chartier Adorno)- know the "big picture" concept of the readings- be able to draw connections between the readings- HIP: how to connect relations between communication, practice, and self identity- know common themes of: self, activities, practice, individual being, and socially constructed identity. Question 1: Language, Expression, & Transformation (sessions 2-8) How is the self made, communicated, and transformed thru social interaction? o Think about characterizing COHI/HIP approach to communication. Mead argues that the self does not exist without social interaction in society and institutions. Influences from ones community and institutions ultimately influence and form the self because a self is not created alone without social force. The self is manifested through social interaction because people communicate through mutually recognized symbols and signals on a daily basis. Communication is a significant means of creating the self, as displayed by Bauby, a mute man. He had to communicate with others by blinking his eyes. This process of social interaction allows him to transmit messages to others who understand his method of communication. There are many other instances that depict communication as a social force, including embarrassment, language, and the study of ethnomethodology. Embarassment is also another process of social interaction that allows the self to be made, communicated, and transformed. When people do embarrassing things like fall down the stairs, the self is communicated to be clumsy and possibly injured, and therefore, this leads people to show concern and ask if that person is okay. Although embarrassment sacrifices our individual identities for a moment, it maintains social order and the person is transformed through this interaction because they can use this experience to reflect on him/herself. There is no essential self -- secret codes and conventions of society ultimately create individuals. Language is also another essential part of the manifestation of the self. Language is power and it allows us to communicate and practice encoding and decoding. With language, a person from a specific region can intimately send a message and other people from the same region could interpret that message. The way someone interprets the message is strongly influential by society and is ultimately a social construction because the way a majority group thinks will frame what is normal and what is not. Language is significant because it focuses on region and race, and different people have different languages and ways to communicate. This relates to culture, which is ordinary and produced by people in society. What is culture in society exists because the people in that community have done certain things that produce actions that are culturally...
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COGN 20 MT SG - Sharon Ng COGN 20 Spring 11 Midterm Study...

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