COGN 20 Spring Final SG

COGN 20 Spring Final SG - COGN 20 Spring ’11 Final Study...

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Unformatted text preview: COGN 20 Spring ’11 Final Study Guide 06/03/11 Lecture Final Preparation- think critically about some of the major issues we have been talking about in second half of course- revisit major ideas and get the chance to connect them Format- 2 short essays – 5 pts each (1-2 bluebook pages)- 2 longer essays – 10 pts each (2-3 bluebook pages)- 30 pts, 30% of your overall grade- extra credit will be available; ½ page answer Clues & Domains- Short essay 1: Frankfurt School o What was the “Frankfurt School”? o What were the conditions of its formation? o What were its major propositions and findings? o Adorno/Horkheimer reading: lecture notes/culture industry… o Extra credit will be about Czitrom article…- Short essay 2: Semiotics o What is semiotics – how is meaning made thru signifying systems? o Sign, denotation, connotation o Semiotic analysis of a cigarette ad; must explicate theory and apply it to particular cigarette advertisement o Danesi ; lecture notes o Extra credit will be about Sturken article…- Long Essay 1: Globalization o What is globalization? Give a sense of its history and its effects (maybe refer to SOC2 notes?) o How are these effects manifested in the circulation of identities, ideas, and commodities? Discourse? o Hall, Appadurai, Hannerz o Extra credit: Miller/Woodward article- Long Essay 2: Synthesis o What are the three areas of the UCSD Communication program? o How do they approach & study comm? o How might they be brought together thru analysis of technology and religion (Amir- Ebrahimi), race (Dyer) , disability (Mialet), pop culture (Lipsitz)? Choose ONE. o Extra credit: Tim Cresswell article Preparation tips- review articles and notes for prompts- study the multiple, constituent parts of each question Key Concepts by Topics Frankfurt School- Origins o Marx; capitalism’s eventual failure = inevitable; drive for profit o The proletariat class accelerated and took advantage of this failure o Capitalism still remained powerful, if not strengthened Commodity production o Frankfurt School wanted to change idea that it was inevitable; did this by exploring cultural/ideological structures impacting life under capitalism o “capitalist” ideology: individual accumulation of wealth, consumption, means justify ends, etc.- Theories of ideology o Marxism: knowledge of society is produced and reproduced to maintain status quo and subjugate those not in power o Ruling class establishes parameters of knowing/reproducing society- “false consciousness” o occurs when ruling class imagines that its position in society is “natural” o occurs when non-ruling class makes sense of social position in terms laid out by ruling class- Details of Frankfurt School o Set up in 1923 by German philosophers, sociologists, economists o Inspired by Marxism, but critical of Marxism’s institutionalization- “critical theory” o “society” = object of research o give social agents means of understanding that which is taken for granted...
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COGN 20 Spring Final SG - COGN 20 Spring ’11 Final Study...

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