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American Government – 8/22/07 Government: who gets what, where, when, and why Democracy: vague and value-laden term that refers to society where people are free to participate in decision-making process. o Excludes convicted felons, minors, non-citizens, mentally incompetent Capitalism: economic term for society based on free markets. o Society that believes in private property and marketplace o Can’t sell votes, children, self, or drugs Socialism: refers to society where some things are owned in common and some services are proved by the government (state, community). Communism: According to Marx – where everything is owned in common and all services are provided by the state. Marx said “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs,” meaning the individual should do what they can and take only what they need. Marx felt capitalism was a step on the road to Utopia. Some Greek, Native American, and Christian sects practiced true communism.
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