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Exam2 - Study Guide - 4 Tend to become increasingly...

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Congress # Served Terms in Office Important Leadership House of Rep. 435 2-year The Speaker Senate 100 6-year Majority Leader 3 Approaches to Representation 1. Policy/ Issue a. Focus on specific set of policies Can gain supporters across the country (national constituency) Educated on issues; real statesmen Not many people will utilize 2. Insider a. Use power that comes with the job to funnel money to their district 3. Constituent Service a. Take care of those that take care of them at the expense of the country b. Get re-elected because we benefit Functions of Congress 1. Representative body 2. Legitimacy 3. Oversight 4. Advise and Consent 5. Forum For Debate 6. Law-making/ Governing Roles of President 1. Chief of State 2. Chief Executive 3. Commander-in-Chief (Law) 4. Chief Diplomat 5. Chief Legislator 6. Head of Party(not in Constitution) Consequences of Imperial Presidency 1. Focus on foreign policy rather than domestic 2. Obligations outside the U.S. 3. Seem to create international incidents to boost popularity
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Tend to become increasingly paranoid, secretive, and willing to behave unconstitutionally a. Especially in second term 5. Can come to view Congress as an unnecessary impediment What makes Congress unique from other national assemblies? • Both represent and govern o Most simply represent (parliamentary government) Process to declare war • Only Congress can – not President o Can authorize President to utilize force o Can cut off budget o Can impeach President How are treaties ratified? • Senate How are Presidential vetoes overridden? • By a two-thirds vote in both the House and Senate Dick Cheney’s job before becoming President: CEO of Halliburton Energy Services Core Principle of Bureaucracy: Division of labor Most recently created federal agency: Department of Homeland Security First federal regulatory agency: Interstate Commerce Commission...
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Exam2 - Study Guide - 4 Tend to become increasingly...

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