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Exam3 - Study Guide - nothing but political campaigns...

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Interest Groups 1. 1789-1865 – NONE a. Abolitionists? 2. 1865-1910 – EMERGENCE a. Business and industry b. Progressives c. More government regulation d. Government creates directly 3. 1910-1960 – STEADY PROPORTIONAL GROWTH 4. 1960-Present – EXPLOSIVE GROWTH a. Minorities and disadvantaged groups b. Consumer groups Sources in the 70’s 1. Ideological groups 2. Single-issue groups 3. Response groups Progressive Reforms 1. Primary elections to replace party caucuses 2. Merit system of civil service 3. adoption of the official ballot 4. Personal registration requirements High-tech weapons: 1. Direct Mail 2. Broadcast media 3. Professional public relations firms that do nothing but political
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Unformatted text preview: nothing but political campaigns High-tech weapons replace workers • Labor intensive Capital intensive • Narrow base – money drives it • Of, by, and for the rich Government concerned with public opinion for: 1. Military 2. Tax Revenues 3. To deal with changing ideas Political Party Roles 1. Provide mechanism for mass participation 2. Simplify our choices and clarify our alternatives 3. Consolidate and articulate the positions of the majority and minority groups 4. Bridge the separation of powers 5. Integrate local and regional politics into a national system 6. Legitimize both political decisions and oppositions...
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Exam3 - Study Guide - nothing but political campaigns...

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