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Exam1 Social structures: Pattern of social interactions that persist over time. Macro-level: Broad features of society and societal change. Micro-level: Social interactions in small groups. Industrialization: Marked by technological advances and urbanization. Society vs. individual: Debate within society between a person and their community. Society sui generis : Society exists outside the consciousness of individuals. Solidarity: union arising from common responsibilities and interests, as between members of a group; glue that binds people together. Anomie: A society without solidarity – feels disconnected. Functionalism: Viewing societies as a functional whole, with every function contributing to stability; almost living. Deindustrialize: Big businesses move out and cause chaos. Suicide: The act of severing relationships. Social Facts: Structures and ideas exist outside the consciousness of the individual. Agency: Individuals can change the world they live in. Structural Determinism: Sociology founded on the argument of social structure vs. agency; we’re all “robots;” social structures determine what we do. System-blame: Sociologists tend to focus on how the system itself is a cause of social problems. Person-blame: Society tends to place blame on individuals. Individualism: Outlook that stresses independence and the importance of self- reliance and liberty. Describe the world: Sociologists remain as objective as possible. 1
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Change the world: Scholar activists apply their data. Scholar activists: Use scientific data objectively, and then use it to address an issue (activism). Emergent Properties: Interactions between a living thing and environment; can’t predict result. Reductionism:
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Exam1 - Study Guide - Exam1 Social structures: Pattern of...

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