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Ascribed characterist ic Any physical trait that is biological in origin and/or cannot be changed but to which people assign overwhelming significance. Bourgeoisie The owners of the means of production (land, machinery, buildings, tools) who purchase labor. Concepts Thinking and communication tools that are used to give and receive complex information efficiently and to frame and explain observations. Control variables Variables suspected of causing a spurious correlation. Correlation coefficient A mathematical representation that quantifies the extent to which a change in one variable is associated with a change in another variable. Dependent variable The variable to be explained or predicted. Documents Written or printed materials used in research. Dysfunction s Disruptive consequences to society or to some segment in society. Facade of legitimacy An explanation that members in dominant groups give to justify their actions. Function The contribution of a part to the order and stability within the larger system. Generalizab ility The extent to which findings can be applied to the larger population from which the sample is drawn. Households All related and unrelated persons who share the same dwelling. Hypothesis A trial explanation put forward as the focus of research that predicts how independent and dependent variables are related and how the dependent variable will change when there is a
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change in the independent variable. Independen
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Exam1 - Study Guide2 - Ascribed characterist ic Bourgeoisie...

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