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Can’t find Mentioned in notes In lists on notes Political Economy Model Worker exploitation: Labor: Subsistence, agriculture, industrial or service work. Objects of Labor: Natural resources and manufactured inputs. Instruments of Labor: Hand tools, bests of burden, machines, and computers. Proletariat: Workers. Bourgeoisie: Own the means of production. Means of Production: The land, machinery, buildings, tools and other technologies needed to produce and distribute goods and services. Pollution: Substances the earth has a problem absorbing. Negative Externalities: The costs of production not included in the price of goods and services (i.e. human health, ecological, and social factors). Resource Depletion: CC-PP Game: Costs are communized while profits are privatized. Invention of Plow: Marked the second Agricultural Revolution 5000 years ago. Domestication of Plants/ Animals: Marked the first Agricultural Revolution 10,000 years ago. Class System:
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Industrialization: The application of fossil fuel-driven machinery to manufacturing. Labor Unions:
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Exam2 - Study Guide2 - Cant find Mentioned in notes In...

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