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Exam3 - Study Guide - Schools 1 Forms a sense of themselves...

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Causes of Homelessness 1. Declining federal spending on low-income housing 2. Rent/ mortgage too high for many people in service industry jobs. We stigmatize individual welfare, but not corporate welfare. Family 1. Socializes child before other groups 2. Persists as child ages 3. Provides children with social history of family 4. Provides expectation regarding social status Peer Groups teach 1. culture, morality, sex roles 2. new ways of behaving 3. social roles (leader, follower, organizer, etc.)
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Unformatted text preview: Schools 1. Forms a sense of themselves in relation to society 2. Become less dependent on their families 3. Develop an awareness of the world outside their home Examples of Secondary Socialization 1. Cults 2. Military 3. Prison 4. Gangs Examples of Reverse Socialization 1. Computers 2. Internet 3. Pro-environmental Behaviors Non-Empirical Empirical Evaluative Religious Ideological Neutral Formal System Scientific Knowledge...
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