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8-23 Notes - • Can only get a sense of history from the...

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World Civilization – 8/23/07 World History Relatively new field of study. Not about everything concerning the past (common misconception) A connection between societies (cultures, government, etc.) World History Perspective: by looking at one nation, you would not be able to get the whole picture (i.e. the slave trade and the industrial revolution). Industrialization was not limited to the US and the UK during the Industrial Revolution. Affected Africa – industrialized countries colonized it for raw materials. Slaves Cotton Britain Textiles Rest of world
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Unformatted text preview: • Can only get a sense of history from the World History Perspective o Discusses a country without isolating others • Primary source: firsthand account of an event • History: the study of the recorded past. o A form of science: looks at evidence, uses materials, and draws conclusions • Primary documents: a letter, journal, legal document, advertisement, pamphlet, business document, photo, art, etc. that describes a firsthand account of an event. o It’s important to consider how the document is relative to what it covers (time period, bias, etc)...
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