Exam 2 - Study Guide2 - Analyze the factors that led to the...

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Unformatted text preview: Analyze the factors that led to the divergent political evolution of Sparta and Athens • Greek land mountainous o No plains or river valleys o Natural harbors o Sea-faring people because of lack of land o Create separate city-states because of mountains • Warfare o Rise of Hoplite warfare Rediscovered iron smelting o Phalanxes Neutralize Calvary • Put Greeks on steady path towards military greatness • Athens – Democracy o Largest Polis (see Polis) o Hub of intellectual life o Solon must deal with land problems Created new constitution Eliminated debt New Council of 400 o Pisistratus took over (tyrant) Changed existing laws to help common people Gave from rich to poor Led to revolt o Cleisthenes o Founded democracy 1-year terms Law-making body (legislative) • Sparta – Invaders o Invade Messenians, use them as slaves (helotry) Messenian slaves outnumbered them, so they created a military state. o Geared towards warfare Little aristocratic development 7-60 (active duty) Describe the institution of the polis and explain the political developments in ancient Greece, and their significance. • Polis: city-state o Important for political and social life o Creates profound sense of identity Notions of citizenship/entitlement Expect rights Justice Equality before the law Security and decent quality of life...
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Exam 2 - Study Guide2 - Analyze the factors that led to the...

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