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I. Chapter 3 – Computer Software A. Software Basics 1. Application Software a) Productivity software can be defined as any type of application software that has the potential to help people do their work more efficiently b) Groupware is designed to help several people collaborate on a single project using local networks or Internet connections 2. Utility Software a) Utility software (a type of system software) is designed to help you monitor and configure settings for your computer system equipment, the operating system, or application software b) A desktop widget is a specialized utility program that appears on a computer’s screen- based desktop B. Popular Applications 1. Document Production Software a) Assists you with composing, editing, designing, printing, and electronically publishing documents (1) Word processing (2) Desktop publishing (3) Web authoring b) Makes it easy to get your ideas down on your screen-based “paper” c) May include: (1) Spelling checker (a) Spelling Dictionary (2) Thesaurus (3) Grammar checker 1
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(4) Feature to analyze the reading level (a) Readability formula (5) Search and Replace feature d) The format for a document refers to the way that all elements are arranged on a page e) By defining a style, you can apply multiple font attributes with a single click f) DTP frames give you exact control over the position of elements on a page, such as a figure and a caption on top of it g) Mail merge automatically creates personalized letters by combing the information in a mailing list with a form letter h) Additional capabilities of word processing software include: (1) Automatically generating table of contents and index (2) Numbering and positioning footnotes (3) Providing document templates (4) Exporting to HTML format 2. Spreadsheet Software a) A spreadsheet uses rows and columns of numbers to create a model or representation of a real solution b) Spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel, provides tools for creating worksheets c) When a cell contains a formula, it displays the result of the formula rather than the formula itself. To view and edit the formula, you use the formula bar d) You can think of the formula as working behind the scenes to perform calculations and
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1-30 Notes - I Chapter 3 Computer Software A Software...

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