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SAM Tests - 8 Search for the word “MANAGER” anywhere in...

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Access 1. Change the format of “PRICE PER WORD” column from “GENERAL NUMBER” to “CURRENCY” with two decimal places. 2. Specify that the date in the current field will appear in the format “6/19/2007” (without displaying time). 3. Specify that the “Date Employed” field will contain a date rather than a text. 4. Specify that the “WORDS TRANSLATED” field will contain a number appearing in “STANDARD” number format. 5. Enforce the referential integrity between these two tables in a one-to-many relationship. 6. Specify that the query will display records in reverse order by “HOURS EDITING.” Run the query when done. 7. Specify that when performing a query with the “PROJECTS” and “CLIENTS” tables, the query will include all records from the “PROJECTS” table and only those records from the “CLINETS” table where the joined fields are equal.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Search for the word “MANAGER” anywhere in the data table. (Specify the search will find the word even if “MANAGER” is NOT the only word in a field and if the word appears in capital or lowercase letters). 9. Add a data table named “PROJECTS” to the query 10. Using the Expression Builder, create a field in this query that will multiply the “WORDS TRANSLATED” by the “PRICE PER WORD”. Select both fields from the current query “PROJECTS QUERY”. 11. Compact the database named “TRANSLATIONSONE.accdb” so that a compressed copy of the database replaces the previous version of the database. 12. Specify that the “EMPLOYEE ID” field will be automatically increased by one each time a new record is added to the database. 13. Specify that the selected field will contain a hyperlink....
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