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I. Intro A. Like the American Revolution, the French Revolution began as a tax dispute between the king and his people. 1. Could have been solved 2. Spiraled out of control because of the state of the French government a) Economic troubles (1) France gave support to America during the Revolutionary war (1) Bad harvests led to agricultural decline (2) Extravagant lifestyle of the French Court (Marie Antoinette) b) By 1778, France on the verge of bankruptcy II. Aristocratic reaction A. Government taxed the aristocracy 1. Clergy and nobility 3% of population, but owned 40% of the land a) Didn’t pay taxes 2. Peasants 80% of the population a) Poor, but Paid the most taxes B. 1787, King Louis XVII called the aristocracy to Versailles 1. Refused to pay a) Insisted the only way to impose taxes was through the Estates-General (1) Hadn’t met in 175 years (2) Called for re-election of the representative body
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C. Shortly after its formation, the representatives came into dispute over the voting procedure 1. Estates General divided into three estates b) 1 st Estate: Clergy; 2 nd Estate: Nobility; 3 rd Estate: Everyone else 2. Originally, each Estate had one vote, which led to the first two Estates always outvoting the 3 rd a) Aristocracy always outvoted the commoners 3. 3 rd Estate demanded “one man, one vote” a) 1 st and 2 nd Estates: 300 delegates; 3 rd Estate: 600 delegates b) King Louis XVI ultimately conceded (1) Triggering the Bourgeoisie Revolution D. 3rd Estate reorganized as the National Constituent Assembly 1. Wanted constitutional monarchy like England 2. King and the first two Estates refused a) Led to a mass revolution b) Began with the storming of the Bastille (1) Prison and symbol for tyranny c) Mob rioted until the nobility finally renounced their feudal rights III. Results
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Exam 2 - Outlines - I Intro A Like the American Revolution...

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