Exam 2 - Study Guide - Louis XVI: Well-meaning king of...

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Louis XVI: Well-meaning king of France who was caught up in the extravagance of Versailles; tried to flee the county as constituent extremists took over; executed. Declaration of the Rights of Man and Civilization: The epoch-making manifesto issued by the French Third Estate delegates at Versailles in 1789. Estates-General: The parliament of France; composed of delegates from three social orders: clergy, nobility, and commoners. Jacobins: Radical revolutionaries during the French Revolution; organized in clubs headquartered in Paris. Robespierre: Leading member and theoretician of the French Revolution; most dreaded name in all of France during the Reign of Terror; power base in the Society of Jacobins; executed, ending the terror. Committee of Public Safety: The executive body of the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution. Bastille: Prison in Paris that became a symbol for tyranny; stormed by the people, triggering the French Revolution. Civil Constitution of the Clergy: 1791 law in revolutionary France attempting to force French Catholics to support the new government and bring clergy into conformity with it. Alsace and Lorraine:
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Exam 2 - Study Guide - Louis XVI: Well-meaning king of...

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