Exam1 - List - L ists Chapter 1 Case brief summarizes at a...

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Lists Chapter 1 Case brief summarizes at a minimum (3): 1. Facts of the case 2. Legal issues raise 3. Rationale for the court’s decision Essential elements of the brief (5): 1. Statement of the Facts 2. Statement of the Issues 3. Holding 4. Reasoning 5. Disposition Parts of a case brief (9/3): 1. Citation 2. Procedural Background 3. Key Facts 4. Issue 5. Holding/ Rule of Law 6. Reasoning 7. Disposition 3 most common dispositions (8): 1. Affirmed 2. Reversed 3. Remanded Order of cases (8/29): 1. Trial 2. Appellate 3. Higher Appellate Chapter 2 Functions of law (1): 1. Keep the peace 2. Maintain the status quo 3. Maximize Individual freedom Schools of Jurisprudential Thought (2): 1. Natural law 2. Historical 3. Analytical 4. Sociological 5. Command 6. Critical Legal Studies 7. Law and Economics Areas of law (3): 1. Substantive a. Criminal law b. Family law c. Contract Law 2. Procedural a. Rules of civil procedure b. Rules of criminal proc. Development of law (3): 1. Ancient legal codes a. Lex talionis i. C. of Hammurabi 2. Roman Law a. Twelve Tables 3. Napoleonic Code a. Civil law 4. Common Law Sources of Law in the United States (4): 1. Constitutions 2. Treaties 3. Codified Law 4. Administrative Agency Rules and Regulations 5. Executive Orders 6. Judicial Decisions How a bill becomes a law (5): 1. Bill introduced in either chamber *except Bills to Raise
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Exam1 - List - L ists Chapter 1 Case brief summarizes at a...

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