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The concept of law is very broad - True The Bill of Rights is not applicable to state governments - False In order for something to be a law, it must - Be obeyed A state court system includes all of the following except - A bankruptcy court The constitutional amendment that prohibits discriminatory and unfair action by the government is the: - 14 th Amendment A forum selection clause in a contract is about - Venue The Commerce Clause has a greater impact on business than any other clause in the constitution - True Every state has a general jurisdiction trial court - True Rostker, Director of the Selective Service v. Goldberg
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Unformatted text preview: , concerns the constitutionality of the male-only draft registration law challenged by several men, arguing the law violated the 5th Amendment.-False The 11 territorial and D.C. Circuit U.S. Courts of Appeals hear cases involving:-None of the above Administrative agencies are established to enforce and interpret statutes enacted by Congress and state legislatures.-True According to the Court, Forum-selection clauses contained in form passage contracts are subject to judicial scrutiny for fundamental fairness.-True...
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