Exam3 - Cases - Cases Domestic Relations *Schweinberg v....

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Cases Domestic Relations ***Schweinberg v. Click 1) Procedural Background: - Circuit Court modifies final judgment of dissolution of marriage to change custody of minor children from husband to wife - Husband appealed 2) Key Facts: - After divorce in 1986, husband awarded permanent custody of all their minor children - Judgment did not set up a detailed visitation schedule - In 1991, husband denies wife visitation rights 3) Issue: Whether husband’s denial of visitation to wife and children’s disappointment of not being able to see their mother justified change of custody 4) Holding: To order change of custody, substantial and material change of circumstances must be found (so, no). 5) Reasoning: - Evidence presented must establish changes which have come about in the lives of the children during the six years they have lived with their father - No structured court ordered visitation, which husband was obligated to follow, in the final order of divorce - Mere frustration of visitation alone is insufficient to change custody (Crippen v. Crippen) - Must be evidence that the interest of the children will be promoted by a change of custody - Children’s wishes alone cannot support a change in custody 6) Disposition: Reversed and Remanded (5 th DCA) brief Marvin v. Marvin (2) ***Palimony*** - 1976, actor Lee Marvin - Michelle Marvin alleged she and Lee entered into an oral agreement o While “parties lived together they would combine efforts and earnings and share equally any and all property accumulated as a result of their efforts whether individual or combined” o Parties allegedly further agreed Michelle would “render her services as a companion, homemaker, housekeeper, and cook” - Absent an express or implied agreement to the contrary, no quasi-marital property rights accrues as a result of cohabitation o Courts have been unwilling to award benefits that flow from various statutes to live-in partners absent language that specifically encompasses that relationship o Needs clear language - Contracts have to be for a legal purpose o Meretricious contract – basis is sex - Michelle came back, arguing quasi-contract terms implied o Dinner party, Lee gets benefit, she gets nothing o Unjust enrichment *Gill v. Shively (5) ***Breach of Promise***
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Exam3 - Cases - Cases Domestic Relations *Schweinberg v....

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