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Lescher v. FLDHSMV_CB - Lescher v Florida Dept of Highway...

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Lescher v. Florida Dept. of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, 985 So.2d 1078 (Fla. 2008) 1) Procedural Background: - Lescher’s driver’s license was permanently revoked under Florida Statutes. - Lescher petitioned for a hardship license. - Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles denied the petition. - Lescher requested certiorari review. - Circuit Court denied request. - District Court of Appeal also denied request, but certified the question concerning ex post facto laws. 2) Key Facts: - Upon his fourth DUI conviction, Lescher had his license permanently revoked in 2000 - At the time of conviction, he met the qualifications for a hardship driver’s license, which he could apply for after five years. - In 2003, the legislature adopted an amendment that restricted drivers who have had their licenses permanently revoked for DUIs from obtaining a hardship license. - In 2005, Lescher petitioned for a hardship license and was denied. 3) Issue:
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