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2-1 Notes - o Send up satellites faster Economical put four...

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Portrays shuttle in a positive light o “Second Space Age” Optimistic o “By the late 1980s, it could be making about 50 flights a year” o Women and minorities in the astronaut corps o First step towards colonies in space o Describes future missions and dates, as if nothing would go wrong o “In 50 years we will probably look back on it as we do the covered wagons that took us to our first frontier” Already recognized its problems o Long delays Thought the shuttle was practical o “It will move industry into space” o “Begins the age of space exploitation” instead of exploration o Air Force reserved 13 of its first 44 flights o Telescope that will see farther into space 350 times the volume of the universe now visible
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Unformatted text preview: o Send up satellites faster Economical: put four satellites in orbit for the current price of one • Informative o Described how it worked Solid-rocket boosters Ceramic tiles o Described what the flight would be like for the astronauts • Impressed o Nothing as big as Columbia ever put in orbit o Nothing with wings has ever flown 17,500 miles an hour o No man has ridden solid rockets before • Mentioned the Soviet Union creating a killer satellite will spur us more rapidly into space o Just as Sputnik did two decades ago o Recognized, even back then, that we needed the “race” element...
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