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People looked to the President for answers and guidance on the subject of space Eisenhower Not a crisis Focused on other issues, like desegregation, but the way he handled Sputnik earned him the title of a “do-nothing” President Strategist and planner Space exploration more than a race “Plan” approach to space o Increase knowledge and understanding o Growth inducing “plan” over growth hindering “race Favored scientists; no active role for ordinary citizens Couldn’t convince people his vision was best Kennedy Low priority entering the White House – high priority after Bay of Pigs o Destroyed Kennedy and America’s credibility A “race” to join the “struggle” against the Communists o Struggle – “winner takes all” Breathed new life into the space program o Healed bruised national ego Doomed space program o Means to a political end instead of exploring space
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Unformatted text preview: o Afterwards, the “means” went away Johnson • No “struggle” o Look beyond the previous times, and unite • “Victory” over space o Space was the enemy – a fight against nature • Conflicting views – stresses peace and invites war • U.S. competing with the Soviet Union – going to the moon o Moral equivalent of war o JFK’s space policy was a “relic of the cold war” • The Heavens and Earth o Eisenhower is the hero of the space age o Refused to race the Soviets o Space race with Russians jeopardize America’s values and freedoms and drag us to their level o Kennedy and Johnson are the villains • National pride is the motivation and goal for the space program • Apollo was never about practicality o Can’t discuss practical results...
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