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Assigned Readings Summary - Presidential Perspectives on...

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Presidential Perspectives on Space Exploration by Linda Krug Krug argues “most revealing about space exploration rhetoric is metaphorical quality” (xiv) Communication is one of the most prominent features of presidential governance since Woodrow Wilson (1) o Mass media produced belief that a president is an effective leader only when speaking (2) Space exploration thrived in the 60s, hesitated in the 70s, renewed in the 80s, and foundered again in the 90s (16) Presidents did not write speeches, but assumed ownership of the words (17) Metaphors Unite contradictory experiences and create a unified perspective (xiv) o i.e. “space pioneers” (xviii) Historically, a device to enhance a line of reasoning (3) Became blasphemy – “perfect cheats” (4) o Resurged in the middle 20 th Century Bring together two unrelated ideas, creating an entirely new idea (5) Can make arguments, conceal arguments, and become arguments (5) 1. Contextualize (6) o Image not static/neutral, but dynamic (7) 2. Contextualize into Drama (7) o Literal description of what we do in social acts (8) o i.e. “moral equivalent of war” (8) 3. Contextualize into a Drama of Dialectic Forces o Dialectic: the tension that exists between two conflicting or interacting forces o i.e. “government asleep at the wheel” captures tension between people and government (10)
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Assigned Readings Summary - Presidential Perspectives on...

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