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Assigned Readings Summary2 - o Society had forgotten what...

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Tide of enthusiasm for Apollo 11 waned o Support for space program dwindled Went from awe-inspiring to routine Americans once felt excitement – now apathy and boredom United States already proved its superiority over the Soviet Union Nixon Nixon had to create a new identity for space exploration o Everyday occurrence Felt we previously focused on space, neglecting Earth Space program ought to be not just daily, but almost mundane “Revolutionize transportation into near space by routinizing it” (space shuttle) What was special is now ordinary Moved beyond the pioneering stage Vision not powerful or compelling o Essentially killed public interest in the program Ford Contributed the least o Spent most of his tenure trying to move the nation past Watergate Images of individuals struggling for a new vision
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Unformatted text preview: o Society had forgotten what exploits in space can produce Carter Went out of his way to keep in touch with the American people Like Nixon, focused on earthbound issues Average person overlooked in favor of financial accountant o Liked the shuttle because of its money-saving potential Again, space is routine rather than special No sense of wonderment o With the shuttle, it seemed even NASA thought the program little more than a job Reagan Revitalized space program Prospered rhetorically under Reagan Argue for new frontier perspective o Used active images Vision of glory of proving ourselves in space o Prove we are worthy Americans o Sense of pride Brought back sense of wonderment...
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