Violence in video games

Violence in video games - Violence in video games The...

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Violence in video games; The effects and influence it has on the actions of Children (Research Paper) People see violence and other such things throughout their lives in different areas such as the TV or video games. It can cause a bigger impact than you would think in these children’s minds. Most of the things we know, aren’t directly taught or do we learn from. Sometimes, or most of the time, its things we indirectly or subconsciously gain knowledge of. We go about our life and we soak in 25 frames per second but we don’t really remember the detail much in. That’s how our mind works; therefore, when we play video games and watch TV of such a genera obviously our knowledge has to come from somewhere and our knowledge of if nothing else, what we know about guns and other such violent things comes from these things. What we do with this knowledge depends on our character and our personal values and personality. Video games can invoke feelings a stimulated world with excitement and adrenaline flowing just like the real, and we feel as if it actually is real but the ability to control reality versus the virtual world depends on the individual. Video games are kind of like tools. Learning centers and child developing institutes and companies and other such, for example, Leapfrog and other famous and well-known companies, even TV shows like Dora the Explorer a, they all present teachings through games and shows because people know indirectly that it gets into one’s subconscious and a child’s subconscious mind and it sticks with them. All media have an effect on human behavior. Some video games actually kill like Doom and stuff their like famous video games. What is interesting about Doom is that it was one of the early and perhaps the most famous first
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videogame for people. Most people don’t really do that in real life and aren’t really like that therefore virtual reality is unlike because virtual reality is unlike reality and is stimulation. It’s not supposed to be reality, like something that we cannot live out in real life. But the fact is, the research can't be boiled down to a simple headline, however much politicians, experts, and the media might wish otherwise, say Drs. Kutner and Olson, who conducted a $1.5 million study
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Violence in video games - Violence in video games The...

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