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History Book Review - Prathyusha Yanigandla MWF 10:00 AM...

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Prathyusha Yanigandla MWF 10:00 AM Luis Auchincloss, Theodore Roosevelt (2001). Luis Auchincloss provides a scrutinized summery of President Theodore, also known as Teddy Roosevelt’s life. Although the book encompasses as much as it can on the life of Theodore Roosevelt, the information is presented in a summarized chronological order, without dwelling too much on the detail, but rather trying to just cover every aspect of his life. In the book Auchincloss describes Roosevelt’s life from his childhood, to his reign as president, as well as his reactions to his nominated successor William Taft, as president. Roosevelt was born in 1858 to an old Dutch Family who ‘immigrated to Manhattan and prospered there’ (9). He had sisters Anna, Corinne and a brother Elliot. His father had a passion for business and was known for charitable deeds, whom Roosevelt admired. Through his father’s advice, Roosevelt strived to attain a respectable physic and developed a love for the outdoors. Successful at most expeditions he went after and financially better off, he studied at Harvard where he was pretty well liked, and later went on to marry Alice Lee. The prominent first step to the start of his career was a couple years after law school in which ‘he gave it up to run as Republican candidate for the Assembly in Albany and was elected for the year 1882, and reelected twice after’ (15). Roosevelt published his first book, The Naval War of 1812 and later went on to publish many others and join the National Guard. After the
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History Book Review - Prathyusha Yanigandla MWF 10:00 AM...

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