Ancient and Medieval History Notes Part 1

Ancient and Medieval History Notes Part 1 - Ancient and...

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Introduction: Geography is an important factor in the growth of a civilization. (i.e.) Europe’s close proximity to water is important. (i.e.) Lots of coastline and harbors on lots of peninsulas, making Europe full of naval and trade superpowers E. Europe developed differently than W. and C. Europe b/c of this Europe + Asia = Eurasian landmass Lots of ways to divide Europe from Asia (i.e.) Ural Mts. is Europe’s eastern border. Climates in Europe are temperate b/c of the Gulf Stream. It has been this way since the last glaciers receded. (c. 10000 BC) Mediterranean Climate is dryer and warmer than N. Europe. In ancient times, it was wetter than today. Very fertile. Europe has LOTS of mountain ranges. Made civilization develop along coastlines. They make war and trade east and west instead of into the center of Europe. Traveling through and living in mountains was impossible, causing all this. Mts. start around C. France and go south. This makes conquest eastward in the north more common. Europeans lived in an area with abundant water, temperate climate, and hunter gatherers switched over to agriculture without irrigation. They became hunter gatherers/ agricultural. (Similar to the Native Americans in the West before Europeans showed up) Civilization is built around cities. No cities = no civilization Civilizations sprout up in more arid areas b/c it required collective efforts, forcing people to form cities and for governments and political order, creating civilizations. Not much empire building in Europe b/c of diversity b/c of the geography. Chinese is trying to return to their first empire, Han. Mesopotamia:
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Ancient and Medieval History Notes Part 1 - Ancient and...

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