Western Civilization Part 2/ Modern History

Western Civilization Part 2/ Modern History - Modern...

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Modern History Part 12 Post WWII/ Cold War: NATO spans the N Atlantic. N Korea invades S Korea with Russian okay. China becomes communistic state with Russian support. Single NATO commander is always an American. Americans have atomic and nitrogen bombs. Americans have to convince that they view the security of Europe as the security of US. W European states can hide between American atomic and nitrogen bombs. France and GB build small atomic forces. After 1949, the strategy to deal with the SU is Containment. Brain child of George Kennan. Assigned to the SU as a long term strategist. Contain the Soviets where they have control but don’t push back. To counter attempts to expand but not attack b/c they don’t want to risk a WWIII. Containment does not contain the idea to push the Soviets back into their borders. Too bloody and unpredictable. European defense is dependent on America. It shows how weak Europe is. Europe has a hard time no longer being the center of the world. “I say a lot of bad things about the French but they deserve it” Feske France has a problem with this especially. In 1956, de Gaulle wanted to make a Super Europe. France withdraws from NATO but it doesn’t count since they’re still protected by the American Umbrella. The British decide that they should maintain a special relationship with the Americans. America’s closest ally throughout the Cold War. The United Nations was pushed into existence in 1944 by FDR’s administration. FDR also talked about a world that needed policemen. 4 of them. But it was based on cooperation between the victors of WWII. Any of the big powers can use veto in UN. US is the only power until 1949 with nucs. Largest airforce, navy. Over half of world’s products. 70% of world’s gold in America. Post war order at Dumbarton Oaks. Declared League of Nations useless. UN created.
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Western Civilization Part 2/ Modern History - Modern...

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