Modern History Part 11

Modern History Part 11 - Modern History Part 11 WWII Nazis...

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Modern History Part 11 WWII: Nazis date from the 1920s. Hitler isn’t the leader at first but raises to the top. Hitler is a leader in the early 1920 and he led a revolt in the early 1920s. He used his trial for treason to mock the Weimar republic. Became a hero to a portion of Germans. NSDAP- National Social German Worker Party shortened to Nazi. Hate Jews. Folkish mysticism (Germans different from other races. Better). Social Darwinists (Kampf- struggle between races). No pluralistic societies. Unitary leadership/ answers/truths. Anti-Marxist (primary division is race not socio-economic class according to Nazi). Anti-capitalist. Populists (anti-establishment). “The New Men who will Rejuvenate Germany” Top of the Racial food chain is the German people. Lebensraum- expanding land for top race. Jew is the anti-human. Jews are raceless, landless. It is an impure form of human that needs to be eradicated b/c they infect civilization and culture wherever they go. Jews depicted as vermin. Rats, dirty, animalistic. Judaism with Marxism, socialist, and capitalists. Jews are cosmopolitan and internationalists that ruin his battle between races and states. Germany has a chip on his shoulder. And the Jew is a convenient scapegoat. In the 1300s, the Jews were accused of poisoning wells in Germany to kill the Germans with the Black Death. Accusing the Jews of wanting to kill everyone isn’t a new theory. Rural myth- dating back to 1000s. Nazis portray themselves as progress and action and modernism but also connection to the past’’’’ Some talent they have. Nazis say that they will make Germany stronger and respected. Germany wants economic stability. Hitler promises that he will lower joblessness. People are drawn to the Nazis b/c they clear vision and purpose while the Weimar republic seems lost. Army wants to be powerful again. Hitler says they will reinstitute the draft and expand the army. The Nazi party was very appealing to youth. They want to belong to something. They also want to be part of the anti-establishment. The violent elements are appealing too and not just to youth.
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The Nazis are masters of propaganda. Use posters, movies, radios, newsreels. The hollowness of their politics is hidden by their propaganda. This is a politics of emotions not reason. This can be traced back to romanticism and irrationalism. There are marches, book burnings, parades. Leni Riefenstahl- films the Nazi party meeting and makes it into a documentary. This is filmed in 1934, a year after Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany. He was the fuher. Sturmabteilung- Kampfer- struggler In the 1920s, the Nazis are a minor party in a multiparty society. They are fighting fighting for seats in the Reichstag. Unemployment starts to explode. People are even more discontented. Hitler isn’t saying
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Modern History Part 11 - Modern History Part 11 WWII Nazis...

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