Modern History part 10

Modern History part 10 - Modern History part 10 WWI Russian...

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Modern History part 10 WWI, Russian Revolutions, Europe post-WWI WWI: 1890- young Wilhelm II becomes Kaiser. Around 30. Bismarck is 70. Dif. Generations. For him, the idea of Germany not being dominant on the continent is impossible and wants to expand and be a world power (weltmacht). Puts Germany as rival to Britain by this desire. Germany makes a large navy (made by Tirpitz). British see this as a threat and decide to do something about it. They decide to patch up their relationship with the French. French are also scared and want to improve their place. France negotiates a treaty with the Russians after a fall out of the alliance between A-H, G, and R. Franco-Russian Alliance 1891-31. By 1907, Britain, France, and Russia are connected in the Triple Entente. The only thing holding them together is the fear of Germany. The Triple Alliance is Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. Triple Alliance vs. Triple Entente. Everyone knew that A-H is dying and R is gaining power after the defeat against Japan. Longer time passes the stronger German enemies become and the weaker allies become. Germany knew that and this made them reckless. Germans are always “rabling their saber.” It is amidst all of these tensions that Gavrilo Princip assassinates Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo. (and his wife, they always forget the wife). 1904-1911, Germany causes crisis’s to recklessly start a war before Russia got too strong and Austria-Hungary dies. Serbian trainees were sent to Bosnia. Ferdinand was Thronfolger. Heir to the throne. Austria-Hungary now had a reason to fight the slavs because the Serbians trained assassins to kill Ferdinand. A-H knew that Russia would back up Servia b/c they were both Slavs and orthodox. They got a ‘blank check’ from the Kaiser before that assassination. A-H used the assassination to invade Servia. Einkreisang- encircled. Germany says that Russia, France, and England were encircling Germany. They were being threatened they argued. A-H invades Servia. War starts on the 1 st of August. Russia moved to aid Servia. Germany moves to aid A-H. France, according to their treaty, joins Russia. Britain worries that if Germany wins and France becomes a puppet state, Germany will only have the Channel between them and Britain. They use the crossing of neutral Belgium to join the war. Everyone is excited. Young men and women get together in capitals in all the countries and toast the war and sing. Britain doesn’t even have a draft, so many volunteer. The willingness and excitement of the Europeans is argued to be their id being indulged. Intellectuals, for the most part, applaud this indulgence of id. They think it is good. People believe that the war will purify the European concept. This is a PanEuropean thought. Everyone predicts that it will be a short war. They have this idea
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because the latest wars only lasted less than two years. They think that it is because of technology. They think wars are now all going to be bloody but short. They ignore the
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Modern History part 10 - Modern History part 10 WWI Russian...

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