Modern History part 9

Modern History part 9 - M odern History part 9 Second Age...

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Modern History part 9 Second Age of Exploration: New Imperialism: (old imperialism (dating back to 1400s) Age of Exploration) By the mid-1800s there are still remnants of old empires. Spain has Cuba, Puerto Rico, Philipines, and Spanish Morrocco. Portugese: Macao and Goa. Dutch: Indonesia. France: islands in Caribbean, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Indo- China, etc. Only massive imperial power left is Great Britain. Great Britain beat the French in the battle to dominate the world. “The sun never sets on the British Empire.” They have formal empires (direct control of beaureacracy and protected by army and navy) and informal empires (British have a lot of investment in many places [like Ottoman Empire, Argentine…] and control and influence) You’d think they would be happy with it but in the period of 1815-1875, there was an anti-imperialist feel for Great Britain. British didn’t have much an interest in the empire. Free-trade so they don’t see the empire as much more than a drain b/c they had to defend it. The empire gets larger during this period. Sub-imperialism: aims of British rulers in far off places like India that feel they need more land for safety and notify London later. New Imperial interest and fervor from 1875-1900. In 1875, Europeans control 66% of world. By 1900, control 90%. 10% Africa 90%. 50% Polynesia __% Referred as the Scramble for Africa. Italy started to acquire and empire and so does Germany. Why did it happen right then? The main reason b/c the Europeans have a sudden boost in power over the inhabitants of the lands they acquire. Industrial Revolution. Railways, steamships, repeating rifles, machine guns, quinine (used for Malaria)(can penetrate jungles) (can actually move into interior of Africa). Will/ motive: Bismarck had unified Germany (1871), until then, they worried
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Modern History part 9 - M odern History part 9 Second Age...

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