Modern History Part 3

Modern History Part 3 - Modern History Part 3 Age of...

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Modern History Part 3 Age of Exploration: In 1450-1500s, explorations began, showing physical recovery. Explorations began in the 1450’s by Portugal. They moved down to Africa. The first man to make it to the tip of Africa was Bartholomew Diaz in 1497. Named it Cape of Good Hope. The next year Vasco da Gama went into the Indian Ocean. Merchandise he brought back sold for 60x. Amerigo Verpucci was hired by Spain to go West after Cristobal Columbo (Christopher Columbus sent by Portugal) Magelian went around the world. From 1519-21. John Cabot, Giovanni Caboto, hired by Henry VII sailed to Eastern Canada. Lots of Italian sailors hired themselves out to expanding countries. Expansionism is sparked by population increases after the Black Death. The landed class and aristocrat class need more land and in their warrior mindset, they craved adventure and conquest. Another reason for expansionism was trade with Asia. Goods exchanged hands and were very expensive. Africa was the gold and slave source for Europe. Caravan drivers from Asia through Muslim/ Arabic hands, through the Byzantine Empire into Europe. The Ottoman Turks took over the Byzantine Empire and declared a jihad against Christian Europe. No trade through them anymore. Europe looked for a way around. Another reason for expansion was centralization. The easiest way to centralize was to gain money through trade (trade) and exploration (find new items). When govts. Withhold their help with exploration, no exploration occurs. Spain re-conquered the Spanish peninsula from the Moors in 1492, Reconquista. Once the Reformation began, Catholic and Protestants battled in converting.
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The Conquistadores want to work the natives in the New World but the friars want to convert the natives and modernize them. Bartoleme de las Casas, a friar, lobbied laws to protect the Indians. He got a few. State building/ religious reform/ counter reform are all motives that existed right at the right time to start the exspansion. Also, they have the means: money, magnetic compass (Chinese), astrolabe/ sextant (measures latitude degrees to find position), caravel (new, light, upriver ship), carrack (ship for N sea that is sturdy with the center of gravity deep under water. N sea always stormy) (origin of Spanish galleons) Were better than any other ships. Can dominate coastal and sea areas in Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic. Better than Chinese, Muslim, Indian, Japanese and all others. To find longitude, they use dead reckoning. Knots (literally). They add the knots and don’t know exactly where they are. Dead reckoning is an estimate that is not close to exact. Dead Reckoning ded reackoning deduction Sea charts are state secrets and closely guarded. Da Gama led the Portuguese into control of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Muslims used
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Modern History Part 3 - Modern History Part 3 Age of...

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