Tales_Servant_of_God - 1682 . A Servant of God Reverend...

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Unformatted text preview: 1682 . A Servant of God Reverend Padre Fray Juan Jose Ortiz, a ... "'llO'VUS of our father San Agustin, died in this city in 1682. He was a great servant of God, and among his admirable virtues that of charity toward the poor was particularly resplendent. Havi~ven his whole estate_(which was large) asalrI1~_to_th~PQQr;lle went pe.!1niIess to themol!astery ofSan Agustin and requested the holy ha-bii-, w6ich because of his great virtue and other merits was g~y'en him fl~ once. He undenook and completed his studies and was ordainea. Although he had been a good man when he lived in the world, as a priest he was much better, for in his new estate he con- tinued that signal charity and acquired nothing that he did not give to the poor, who came to his cell to tell him of their desperate needs; and for their relief this servant of God would go and beg from the charitable rich folk of the city. One day when this good friar was standing at the gate of the cemetery of his church, he saw a very beautiful girl, scarcely more than a child, pass by. 1\s sO~I!_as~he_s~wthis blessedmanshe appeared_~21>~ gre~b~J~P1barrassed, and thus His Divine Majesty made possible the remedying of her troubles. Padre Ortiz, realizing the cause of her penurbation, approached the girl and said, with the modesty appropriate to his cloth, "My daughter, why are you hastening to your perdition?" The unfortunate girl, still more distressed, heaved a great sigh and, covering her face, replied, "Father, I do not wish to go against the truth, for the manner of your question makes me believe that God has revealed to your worship that I am on my way to give myself to a man, a rich merchant in that street yonder. F Qf many d~ys he has solicited my love, promising complete security for myself, my beloved mother (who is a poor cripple confined to her bed), and two other little girls, my sisters, all of whom my father left to perish when God took him from this earth two years ago." Having said this, she began to weep softly and continued, "I, Father, am an unfortunate girl who, even though I should wish to 149 ~ A Servant of God marry, can find no one to love me because he would have to support my mother and sisters; and ~~annot offerJ1Pe.I!I1Y of d?wry. Although it is an offense against God, m.a!!Y!!l~n nave tempted me to this course despite the burden of my famIly,...
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Tales_Servant_of_God - 1682 . A Servant of God Reverend...

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