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182 i$ Tales of Potosi priests of the mother church, and all the clergy walked in the same condition as the other priests. The count of Canillas and his illustrious cabildo, knights of the military orders, quicksilver refiners, and other nobles were all barefoot and barelegged, and had ashes on their heads. The noble countess, the general's conson, also walked barefoot and barelegged in the procession, without any adornment and with ashes on her head; and the imponant ladies of the town were similarly arrayed. In short, these and many other penances both public and private were performed in this imperial city without reserva- tion of age, social class, or sex; for all feared the wrath of God. And although His Divine Majesty had discharged His anger on the city of Los Reyes (more than four hundred leagues distant from Potosi), the Lord showed that He also had a scourge prepared for Potosi, which was made known at the nearby lake of T arapaya; and this (though at the time its cause was unknown) happened at dawn and at the very hour
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Tales_The_Triumphal - 1 82 i $ Tales o f Potosi 17 16 . T...

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