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Mosaic 851, Section 77 Dr. David Racker James Soyemi The Epic of Gilgamesh: Paper #1 Question 1 : Discuss Gilgamesh’s relationship to the city and how the coming of Enkidu changes it. Throughout his reign over ancient Mesopotamia, Gilgamesh demonstrated his power as a true King. He exerted his power on the people of his empire in many cruel and unethical ways. It seemed as if no one can get in the way or stop Gilgamesh until Enkidu was introduced in the epic. Many people believe it is a myth or legend, but regardless the effect Gilgamesh had on the people of ancient Mesopotamian made his reign one of the most powerful in history. We learn that Gilgamesh is two-thirds God and one-third human, which made him superior than a normal human. Before the creation of Enkidu, the people of Uruk were tortured by Gilgamesh in many ways. He slept with newly married women before their husband, he challenged his fellow men to contests he knew he would win, and he made the young men of Uruk work vigorously. An example of the kind of power Gilgamesh possess is, “‘He will couple with the wife-to-be, he first of all, the bridegroom after. By divine consent it is so ordained: when his navel-cord was cut, for him she was destined.’” (II: 159-163). This shows that none of the women of Uruk was safe
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Mosaic 851 essay1, 2nd copy - Mosaic 851 Section 77 Dr...

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