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Mosaic 851 Spring 2010 - Mosaic 851 Dr David Racker...

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Mosaic 851 Spring 2010 Dr David Racker Office: Anderson 213 D Phone :(215) 204-7893 Office Hours: TTH 11:00-12:15; MWF E-Mail: [email protected] by appointment Mosaic 851: The Texture of Reality Overview: Mosaic 851 is the first half of a year-long interdisciplinary humanities seminar required for all Temple undergraduates. In the course we will closely read, discuss, and write about a variety of primary texts spanning the last 4000 years, texts that cross disciplinary boundaries, cultures and worldviews. The course is divided into four broad themes -- Journeys , Self & Other , Community , and Ways of Knowing-- that will inform critical thinking about and highlight connections between the books. Along with Mosaic 852 (the second half of the seminar), Mosaic 851 has the goal of exercising and improving your abilities to read theoretically, historically, and/or culturally challenging texts to recognize abstractions, large ideas, and implications associated with difficult written texts to make connections across disciplines, history, and cultural boundaries to construct positions, arguments, and interpretations through textual analysis and evaluation to produce thoughtful writing that reflects (a) persuasive position(s) and the conventions of academic discourse The reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills you exercise/develop in Mosaic 851 are designed to carry over into Mosaic 852, the other General Education Courses you are taking and will take, and the courses that make up your major. To take Mosaic 851 you must have successfully passed or tested out of English 0802 Analytical Reading and Writing (formerly English 1002) or passed its equivalent at another university or college. Texts The Epic of Gilgamesh. Trans. Andrew George. Penguin Classics, 2003. Holy Bible, New Revised Standard Version. De las Casas, Bartolomé. An Account, Much Abbreviated, of the Destruction of the Indies. Ed. Franklin W. Knight, Trans. Andrew Hurley. Hackett Publishing, 2003. Anzaldua. Gloria. Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza. Aunt Lute Books, 2007 (1987). Freud, Sigmund. Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis: Standard Edition. Ed. and trans. James Strachey. WW Norton, 1966. Plato. The Trial and Death of Socrates, 3 rd edition. Trans. G.M.A. Grube, revised by John M. Cooper. Hackett Publishing, 2000. Dubois, W. E. B . The Souls of Black Folk New York: Pocket/Simon and Schuster, 2005. The Bhagavad-Gita : Krishna’s Counsel in Time of War Trans Barbara Stoler Miller. New York: Bantam, 1986 The Daodejing of Laozi. Trans. Philip J. Ivanhoe. Hackett Publishing, 2002 Schedule NB: This schedule is my best guess of the time we will spend on each reading; however, the schedule can change if I need more time for particular readings. Come to every class and pay attention to announcements about changes in the schedule that I may make in class or on Blackboard. Complete
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the assigned reading before you come to class, bring your text and your reading notes with you each day, and bring your questions to class; we’ll pause to discuss any parts of the text that confuse you.
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