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A)Anzaldúa calls herself a Chicana and in her first essay in Borderlands she provides a mythology/history of Chicanos 1. What role does Atzlán play in that mythology? Where is Atzlán?(23,26) 2. How are Chicanos connected to the Aztecs that Cortez conquered? (27) 3. Where did the Aztecs live first according to Anzaldúa-Atzlán or Mexico City? (26) Why does one writer Anzaldua quotes call Chicanos the Aztecas del norte ? How did they end up in the North? (23,27) 4. In what sense are Chicanos mestizos?27 5. What's the difference between a Mexican, a Mexican who immigrates to the United States and a Chicano? (29, 32? 26?) 6. What's the difference between a Chicana and a Chicano? B. Anzaldúa says the following about Chicano culture’s expectations of women in her second essay “Movimientos de rebeldiá y las culturas que traicionan” in. Is each also true of American culture in general or of your particular subculture? 1. “If a woman doesn’t renounce herself in favor of the male, she is selfish” (39)
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