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James Soyemi.docx sexual behaviors

James Soyemi.docx sexual behaviors - James Soyemi Human...

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James Soyemi Human Sexuality Prof. Sullivan Sexual Behaviors Sexual behaviors range from individual to individual. It can be influenced by religion and culture. The level of sexuality a child is exposed to during their early/late teens can lead to positive or negative sexual behaviors. As an adult some won’t be too eager to participate in strange sexual behaviors, while others may become addictive to erotic fantasies. Although most people are sexual active in their adulthood, some choose celibacy. There are two types of celibacy. An individual practicing complete celibacy neither masturbates nor has sexual contact with another person. Someone who practice partial celibacy may masturbate but do not have sex. Celibacy is one of the best forms of HIV/STD prevention. I never believed in erotic dreams until I experienced one myself a couple weeks ago. The individual was a friend of mind that I rarely spend time with. The dream occurred during an afternoon nap I took. After the dream I attempted to seek out this fantasy and make it into a
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