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James Soyemi.docx human sexual M&F anatomy

James Soyemi.docx human sexual M&F anatomy - James...

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James Soyemi Human Sexuality Prof. Sullivan As human beings we have distinct organs that classify us as either a male or a female. The reading starts off with women anatomy. The vulva and the various components are introduced. Many people refer to the vulva as the vagina. The vulva includes pubic hair, mons veneris, labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, and urinary and vaginal openings. The vulva appearance varies from woman to woman. Many manipulations such as shaving and surgery can alter the natural appearance of the vulva. Also piercings and wearing jewelry on the vulva tissue can alter the appearance. In some cultures, genital cutting is considered more appealing and would cure “masturbation”. Most genital cutting is done at a young age before puberty. The main objective of genital cutting is to ensure virginity before marriage. The issue with this procedure in some cultures is the lack of anesthetics and sterile instruments. The clitoris can be located
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