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James Soyemi Human Sexuality Prof. Sullivan Contraception Compared to many other countries, the United States offers many contraceptive that can help prevent child birth and sexual transmitted diseases. Margaret Sanger was instrumental in promoting changes in birth control. Before pills and other birth control methods, women couldn’t control their fertility. Some individuals and couples do not use birth control devices because of their religion. They believe it is God’s will for them to have many children. For most people birth control contraceptive is vital. Dealing with an unexpected pregnancy is difficult, and could affect both partners. The decision of a good contraceptive is determined on the failure rate. This is the number of women out a 100 who become pregnant by the end of 1 year of using a particular contraceptive. The main three factors of contraceptive for most couples is cost, ease of use, and potential side effects. Outercourse is an effective method of sexual intimacy without penile-vaginal
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