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James Soyemi Human Sexuality Prof. Sullivan Reeves Sanday- FGR The documentary we viewed in class about the girl being raped at the baseball team party was saddening. This happens to many girls throughout the United States. Many of the victims do not report the crime to police, because they are in fair of retaliation or not being believed. As I witnessed from the documentary the D.A. didn’t want to pursue the case due to lack of evidence, even though there were witnesses at the party. The outcome of the documentary is sending a message that you can get away with group rape. Also the letter that one of the baseball player parents wrote made it seem as if it was the girls’ fault. In the article Reeves Sanday wrote about fraternity parties and the rapes that occurred. Also she wrote about girls who were drugged up and didn’t have any recollection about the gang
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Unformatted text preview: rape that occurred. There is a relationship between sex and power. In the act of “Pulling Train” sexuality is focused on the penis, although it may not be sexual gratifying the penis is a symbol of masculine social power and dominance. This goes to show that even in society men are known as the aggressor, and they remain their power in sexual acts. Many fraternities “Pull Trains” as a bonding method. Also it is used to show their brotherhood. The fact that many women are brutally raped by multiple men and don’t report it is shocking. I personally don’t support the notion of multiple men having sex with one defenseless female. Also states should do a better job with laws to support victims of gang rape....
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